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"An incredibly versatile actor to work with who develops a role perfectly to the vision of his director"


Writer/Director  -James Crow (Curse Of The Witching Tree)

"I love working with Jon, he is a great example of a diligent and intelligent actor. I've never seen Jon settle for average, he does not need a reason to push beyond what's expected"


Writer/Director - Floris Rameakers (Sleeping Dogs)

"Jon is a delight to work with. Very professional and one of the most hard working actors around. I would cast him again without hesitation. A real gem and a wonderful acting talent."


Writer/Dir/1st AD- Giles Alderson 

Testimonials from a few Writers/Directors I've worked with recently.

"Working with Jon was a really pleasurable experience. His dedication to his character and the project as a whole went above and beyond. Jon's performance and understanding of his role within the environment of the film was everything I could have asked for"


Writer/Director  - Melanie Light (The Herd)

"The first thing that strikes you about Jon is his appearance. He's tall, handsome and has an appealing intensity that makes you want to find out more. Then you get to know him a bit and you realise that despite some of the thrillingly dark roles he's played, he's one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. But none of this distracts you from the fact that he's the most dedicated, professional, courteous and distinctive of actors. You'll want to work with him again and again. I do."


Writer/Director  - Justine Trefgarne (Narcopolis)

"Jon's extraordinary presence and ability, combined with his relentless determination and professionalism combined with his originality, ability to improvise on the spot, the fact he always comes prepared, his attention to detail and then, while he's waiting, he's shooting his own cool promo pics - makes him a joy to work with."


Writer/Director Si Horrocks (Kosmos & Third Contact

Jon is an ACTOR a MODEL and a PHOTOGRAPHER Born in Hull trained in Birmingham and now living in LONDON.


His journey began in '66 and its path has been... twisty! Always creative.. he made his own Superhero dolls aged 6, ballroom danced at 9, rode a unicycle at 12 and was acting at 15. A perfectionist with an IQ of 152 he chooses slowly & wisely, then gives his all.




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